Know a little about us.

About TrintMe.com

Started by a Babson College alumni VS Joshi, TrintMe got its start through the Babson College Venture Accelerator program and won the Big Idea Competition and Runners up award at the B.E.T.A competition at the Babson Forum on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. With a long established reputation as a center of entrepreneurial excellence, Babson College has proven to be an excellent environment for piloting and testing the initial versions of TrintMe. Additional TrintMe advisors are drawn from the faculty of Stanford University to provide greater insight into the latest horizons in social media and social dynamics.

Take Friendships Further

TrintMe is not a dating site to help you meet new people. Instead, TrintMe takes the risk and "friction" out of taking the next step in friendships and relationships you've already established. We call it a "friendship progression application".

Within TrintMe, a true intention or "trint" represents a desired outcome like "grab a cup of coffee" or "romance". You simply set trints for friends and friends of friends, and TrintMe lets you discover where your intentions for each other overlap without revealing areas where they don't. Because only the trints that match are revealed to your friend, there's no risk of rejection or embarrassment or spoiling the friendship. You can take the next step in friendship knowing that you both share the same intention. The current version of TrintMe is designed to work with Facebook and is geared towards friendship and romance, but future versions will expand to cover a wider range of social networks and a broader range of association possibilities and issues.