About Us

"I never had any problems meeting new people. However, taking the next step after I had met somebody was always a challenge. Most of the time, I took the next step and ruined lots of friendships. On the flip side, there were times when I did not take the next step, and I still regret it to this day. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t."

-VS Joshi, Founder, TrintMe

We created TrintMe to solve an age old problem that most of us face while navigating the murky relationship issues. TrintMe enables you to take the risk, friction and anxiety out of taking the next step in friendships you’ve already established. With the adoption of mobile and online social networks into our daily lives, now the world has an app to take their friendships further quickly, easily, and safely. Never miss out on mutual feelings again. Take the next step. Take friendships further… This is how it works

About TrintMe

TrintMe got its start through the Babson College Venture Accelerator program and won the Big Idea Competition and Runners up award at the B.E.T.A competition at the Babson Forum on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. TrintMe advisors are drawn from the faculty of Stanford University to provide greater insight into the latest horizons in social media and social dynamics. In 2014, after the launch of prototype app, Mashable selected TrintMe as one of the hottest apps.