What is a trint?

A trint is a “true intention” that is not revealed until matched. On TrintMe, there are a variety of trints to choose from - they range from a compliment like “you’re cool” to intentions like “let’s hangout”, “coffee”, "crush", “lets date.”

How does TrintMe work?

Vowing to “take friendships further,” the company TrintMe is offering an app allowing users to privately set their true intentions, or “trints,” for their Facebook friends

Your friends independently make their own selection of friends and trints and save on TrintMe. TrintMe identifies people’s matched intentions for each other and then privately notifies only the matched intention to both. Unmatched true intentions (trints) are not revealed to anyone.

Does TrintMe communicate my trints to friends?

No. Your trints remain confidential at all times. TrintMe does not communicate your trints to anyone, not even to your friend.

If you don’t communicate my true intentions to my friend, what do you communicate to my friend?

TrintMe is a confidential repository for people’s true intentions for each other.TrintMe gets True Intentions from both the friends and notifies you and your friend only when a match occurs (when you’ve set the same trint for each other) and then only matched trint is revealed to you privately.

Can I set trints for a friend who is not on Facebook?

No, you cannot set trints for friends who are not on Facebook. Currently, you can set trints only for your Facebook friends & friends of friends.

How can I increase my chances of a trint match?

The best way to increase the likelihood of getting matches is to get your friends to use TrintMe. You can invite friends or notify them that you’ve set a trint for them. They still won’t know what trint you’ve set. Or simply announce on your Facebook page that you love TrintMe.

How do I deactivate my account?

To deactivate your account, go to your Facebook account settings and delete TrintMe from the Apps section.

What is Likeability score?

Your Likeability score indicates the number of trints set for you by your friends. It includes the un-revealed trints and matches. Expired or deleted trints do not count towards this number. Your likeability score will go up and down as and when your friends set more trints for you