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TrintMe vs. Tinder: The Perks of Connecting With Friends

While the idea behind Tinder is “brilliant,” as one Cal Poly student remarked, many students still seem to have problems with this dating app. College students are facing enormous amounts of social pressures as they try to discover where they fit in, and apps like Tinder make this process more difficult. As one Cal Poly student expressed, “I am not the biggest fan of the fact that people are basically judging others on solely their appearance, because there is much more to a person than how they appear on the outside.” Tinder reinforces the concept of “judging a book by its cover,” making many students feel insecure about themselves during an especially challenging time in their lives. There is so much more to a relationship than what someone looks like – not to mention, relying only on appearance can lead to the possibility of connecting with fake profiles, which can lead to a relationship anyone would want to avoid.

After individuals obtain a match on Tinder, how often do the relationships actually blossom? From my experience and from what I have heard, almost never. Because Tinder is based solely on images of strangers, it becomes very difficult to develop and maintain a relationship with these individuals without any background information on who they really are. As another Cal Poly student mentioned, “these very basic and superficial connections made through Tinder are not nearly as valuable as the long-term relationships maintained through Facebook.”

TrintMe possesses the positive features of Tinder that the Cal Poly students seem to love without promoting these shallow relationships. For example, with TrintMe, users are able to express interest in fellow users anonymously, avoiding the fear of embarrassment or rejection. If all goes well and trints are matched, both individuals are notified, allowing the relationship to be taken to the next level. This feature of anonymity to serve as a protection against rejection was the most desirable feature of Tinder to the Cal Poly students, which TrintMe clearly has.

In addition, because TrintMe only allows individuals to set trints for Facebook friends and friends of friends, relationships have more potential to last. Setting trints for familiar individuals requires people to at least know each other on a basic level before expressing attraction. As a result, relationships are more likely to be taken to the next level. Here at TrintMe, we don’t endorse superficial relationships – we strive to promote quality, long lasting relationships that have potential to be worthwhile.

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