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Eat, Drink, and Be Honest!

Be Honest

My parents always said, “if you grow up too fast, you don’t have as much to look forward to, … enjoy your youth, …enjoy being young!”

Most of us take this for granted until we hit that certain age. It’s when we notice that time has flown by is when we realize we didn’t appreciate being young and careless. Well, that’s all about to change. I’m young, I have a job (but never any money, it seems), I’m living at the Jersey Shore for the summer (yes I know what your thinking), I have an awesome boyfriend (if he would only just agree with me on anything)and, awesome friends (who sometimes make me want to pull my hair out). This summer I want things to be different, I want one of those epic summers you will never forget and people always talk about for years. I want to appreciate the little and not so little things before it’s to late.

But what is too late these days?! Why does society have to put a number or even a label on things? Can’t we just live our lives and enjoy what we are doing with out someone harassing us about the type of scene we are in or say “You are an adult now and you need to start acting like one!!”  Are we supposed to get married before we are 30?, does that mean we are acting any less different if we are just not ready to make that commitment? Everyone’s always first to judge but they do not realize that everyone thinks differently, actually everyone IS different. As for me, I want more out of life, And I want to see what’s out there for me. So my attitude this summer… F*#$ it! I’m living the life I want to live and I’m going to do what I want to, No ones going to stop me, I want to experience new things and share them with you!

This is my life…    ✌T


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