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The Nicole Kidman & Jimmy Fallon Conundrum


If you have been up to date with any type of celebrity news or have been on social media in the past couple of weeks, you probably came across the hilarious interview between the beautiful Nicole Kidman and charming Jimmy Fallon.

The interview, in a nutshell, recounts the tale of when Kidman and Fallon first met. Fallon, like any right minded male, was nervous to meet Kidman, and because of this made little to no interaction with her. Kidman, on the other hand, was actually interested in Jimmy and considered their hang out to be a date, but since she didn’t receive any signals from him she concluded that he wasn’t interested in her.

This left Fallon in utter disbelief that he had lost a chance with Kidman. It’s this type of miscommunication that plagues people in the dating world today. It’s a lot of subtext, innuendos, and not being able to tell if that “hey” is a “hey I want to date you” or “hey I’m just saying hey.” We never know what each others true intentions are, and because of this we either go too far or not far enough.

Dating isn’t simple, it has never been. But there are a medley of different online dating websites and apps that seemingly make the process a whole lot simpler. But do they really? Even then true intentions get lost in cyberspace, confusing “let’s get coffee” with “let’s hook up.”

With TrintMe this is no longer a problem, because of its array of options it allows you to show your true intentions to that certain someone.

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