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Friendship, Interrupted!


Indiscretion – they say – is the hallmark of youth; the days of my yore weren’t that much different. Personally, I’ll go a step further and say that I had mastered the art of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Back when I was a young, callow (aren’t the two redundant?) engineering student, I thought I was in love with this friend with whom I had shared a lot of laughs –(for all I know – must have been just the hormones)

Expressing my true intentions to this girl was just the next step that was to set the future course of our couple relationship. So one fine sunny day, without any preliminaries – I told her that I wanted to be more than just friends. I could have beat every director under the sun if I were to capture the range of emotions that flashed across her face in that instant. It changed gradually from disbelief, to amusement, to shock, to anger and then to utter disgust. To her credit, she calmly told me “You have a lot of growing up to do” and disappeared, never to be seen again. (Well, not exactly, I kept bumping into her every day at college and was reminded of my folly anew everyday and everyday I kicked myself for losing a good friend)

It took me quite some time to get back into the saddle, to forget the pain of old wounds and start afresh to make new mistakes with new people with renewed vigor…and soon, I had a lot of interrupted friendships around me. Friendships that could have developed into something really nice at a later date were nipped in the bud. Friendships were Interrupted!

TrintMe is born out of these frustrations I personally experienced in my college days. TrintMe is, what I think, I could have used then to take the next step in my relationship without damaging my existing relationship with my friends.  If I only had some way of knowing that my friend did not exactly share my feelings at that particular time, I would have spent that time we had together in college just being dear friends. TrintMe could have prevented those friendships from being “interrupted” Think into your past. Were your friendships interrupted the moment either of you expressed your true intentions to other?  Do you have story?

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