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Are Open Relationships Worth It?


I’m in a bit of a stitch, and perhaps you’ll be able to elucidate the situation/give me some advice =] I got a lot of interesting feedback from my last post. A lot of good feedback that has been forcing me to look my actions right in the eye and determine whether this is truly what I want to do.

The important points people brought up (in no particular order): 1) If you’re not jealous that he’s going out and dating other women, maybe you don’t care about him THAT much 2) If you’re not sure he’s the right guy for you, then just leave him and go out and date other people I think what they’ve all been trying to tell me is that I just need to make my mind up. Why is that so hard to do? I made my mind up when I broke up with him last winter… this is going to sound so cheesy and overdone, but I just wish I could change one thing about him. There’s this one important thing that makes me doubt. Yes, I do know that you don’t date someone in the hopes he’ll change. I’ve read it many times, yet I still do it. It’s the kind of thing you learn as you grow up, being responsible and resourceful…. and I’m hoping graduating from college and living on his own is going to make him grow up. Up ’til now, he hasn’t really had to (or had the opportunity, because of some rather unlucky events!)

Doing this whole open relationship thing may not be a good idea for either of us though. We date on the side, and I’m open to being swept off my feet and falling madly in love with someone else, but I don’t think either of us really gives anyone else a real chance. There’s already someone else there. Someone who takes up a lot of room in our hearts. Perhaps the best thing to do is to part ways and see where life takes us… if we really are a great match, we just may end up getting back together later on in life. This will have to wait a little bit though. Alex is moving to Europe in a few months, and I’m rather curious how things will go. Optimistic as ever, I’m waiting to see him grow up and be the man I always knew he could be.

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