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Damned if you don’t…

Last time I talked about how I spoiled a number of friendships during my college days by asking out girls that weren’t interested. Maybe they hadn’t known me long enough, or being an engineering major didn’t have quite the cachet that I thought it did. (I’m probably giving away my age, because it seems, that now it’s “chic to be a geek”.) Let’s just say, “mistakes were made.” I called that blog post, “Friendship, Interrupted”, but in hindsight it could have been “Damned if you do…”

This time, however, I want to talk about the other side of the coin. Having “learned” from my early experiences, I became much more cautious in my approach to looking for love. I waited, sat on my thumbs, and held my tongue instead of approaching people I was interested in. A few years ago at an alumni meeting, I ran into one of the girls I had pined for. I must have thought about asking her out a hundred times, but I never had the nerve, the time wasn’t right, or maybe I was just afraid of repeating my past “misadventures”. She asked me why I’d never asked her out in college, and let me know that she would have been interested.

That was really the defining event that set the stage for TrintMe. I took a leap of faith and decided that I couldn’t be the only person in history who ever had these problems. Sometimes we move too fast, or our behavior is awkward or—let’s face it—inappropriate. Other times we hesitate for fear of rejection, embarrassment, or spoiling an existing friendship. What if you could somehow put your intentions out there in such a way that the other person (or anyone else for that matter) wouldn’t find out unless they felt the same way? This seemed like the perfect problem to solve with web tools and social media, and that’s exactly what TrintMe does.

Using TrintMe, you look through your list of Facebook friends and pick true intentions—trints. Because you may want different things from different relationships (or maybe you don’t…) and because every relationship moves at its own pace, we give you a variety of choices ranging from “let’s grab coffee” to “let’s hookup”! Meanwhile, your friends are looking through their own list of Facebook friends and setting trints for you. When a friend sets the same trint for you that you’ve set for them, that’s a match. It’s only at this point that anything is revealed to anyone. Both you and your friend are notified privately, and you are only notified of the trints that match. If you did pick “hook up” and they didn’t, no worries—they never have to know, or they won’t know until they are ready to select “hook up” too.

The reader should have noticed by now that TrintMe only works if your friends are using it too. That’s why we make it easy to invite your friends to check us out . They’ll know you set a trint for them, but they won’t know what it is. This will steepen their desire to join you on the app and start setting trints for you as well. The goal of TrintMe is to help you take the next step with relationships of all sorts, while keeping the drama to a minimum and eliminating missed opportunities and regrets.

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