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Five Tips for Men on Being a Good Date

Let chivalry occur naturally. Do not “rush” ahead of your date to reach a door first or make a big deal out of paying a check or opening her car door. Simply be a gentleman and do the right thing, at the right time for the right reason.

Focus on her. Many men allow themselves to be too easily distracted. Since we get aroused and are driven visually, we tend to let our eyes wander and believe me, she will notice. Consider her a magician…when she enters the room everyone else should immediately disappear.

Listen to her COMPLETELY before you respond. Men live by the principle of “thorough brevity.” We use as few words as possible to convey our emotions or intentions. We often hone in and fixate on one word or phrase, know that is what we are going to respond to, and thus stop listening. Be an active listener and you’ll have an appreciative partner.

Never leave the house with “ulterior motives.” It was said best in the movie, “There’s Something About Mary”…never leave the house with a “loaded gun!” If your entire mission for that date is to satisfy your own physical urges and desires, you will not be at your best and it will be transparently apparent to your date. Whatever you do to get sex off your mind before a date, do it twice!

Leave your cell phone home (or turned off in the car!) First, you’re not that important! You’ll get the call eventually. Second, your date needs to sense that nothing is more important to you, at least during the duration of that date, than her. Answering your phone, checking messages or text messaging someone else will give her the “uns.” She will feel uncomfortable, unattractive, and unappreciated.

David Coleman, The Dating Doctor
Dating And Relationships Expert
2011 Entertainer of the Year
TrintMe Contributor

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