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The Friend Zone

Even if you haven’t seen the movie “Just Friends” everyone can understand or relate to what the “friend zone” is. For the purpose explanation, let’s take a guy and girl that are friends – close friends. The guy begins to grow feelings either immediately or over time for the girl because she is attractive, cool, funny – you get the idea. He wants to be more than friends with her. The feelings only grow stronger because they are close friends or are part of the same group of friends and they spend a lot of time together.

The girl, on the other hand, doesn’t seem interested from the guy’s point of view. And she might not be interested at first. The time spent together with her guy friend just solidifies their platonic friendship, making it hard to grow feelings romantically. However, what if the guy is misinterpreting this? Or what if the girl could become attracted to the guy, if she just knew that he was interested? Maybe all she needs is a spark of an idea to begin to grow feelings for this friend. The guy feels it is too risky thought to come out and tell the girl how he feels, because of fear of rejection and losing the friendship altogether.

This guessing game – a game that may never come to an end on its own – can be solved with Trint Me.

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