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The Office Romance

The office, or at work, is a place where a lot of people meet love connections.  It makes sense.  The two people have similar work interests obviously and probably have a lot of other things in common because of this.  Not to mention, a lot of time is spent together – we spend most of our lives working!  So, while you are sitting at your desk, bored with the task at hand, it is no wonder that your mind will wander to the “hottie” who sits not too far away.  You may have even come to know this person well and seeing them every day makes your interest in them grow stronger.

While work might be a place where you meet people you would like to date, or place maybe where you have secretly fallen in love with someone, it is not always the best place to express this interest.  Dating someone you work with can get hairy.  Many human resource departments do not encourage in-office dating for fear that it could go wrong and get uncomfortable or inappropriate.  Because of this, you might be hesitant to express love or your true intentions, for fear of getting in trouble (or worse) at work.   A social app  TrintMe allows to save your intentionsv for your office colleague but they know about it only if they have the same intentions for you.. This saves all the embarrassment and rejection and awkwardness that may occur if you were to approach the colleague directly and if you both were on a different page regarding your feelings for each other…On TrintMe everything is private.. If your intentions for each other match, you both know about it privately. If they don’t match, nobody knows a thing thus saving all the embarrassment and awkwardness in office environment. The award winning app TrintMe helps take friendships further.



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