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College Confession Page Administrators: The Shrinks of Social Media

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What were once secrets, locked away in private diaries are now public posts for the world to see- all thanks to confession page administrators.  Facebook confession pages are a growing trend throughout the digital world, giving students the opportunity to not only air out their dirty laundry, but to get things off their chest, and receive guidance from the surrounding community.

 Confession page administrators have created an outlet for students to freely express their thoughts, all through the safety of anonymity. Many of them use the confession page as a support system.

 Joe, student at University of Washington and founder of “College Confessions”, is a firm believer of the power of confession pages.

 “My motivation for starting a college confessions page was to give college students an outlet to share their stories or ask their questions that they may not wish to have their name linked to.”

 Confession pages act as a forum for discussion, airing out issues within school communities. Here is a post taken from Joe’s page “College Confessions”:

 “I almost committed suicide in high school. Almost gave it all up. But I kept trying. Ended up becoming my high school’s valedictorian and now am doing well as an engineering major here at the U. I have a dream job lined up and am dating a gorgeous girl and couldn’t be happier. My message to all you people out there is don’t give up, it gets better, keep fighting!”

Although many of the posts on the confession pages are positive, unfortunately, some of  the pages are saturated with provocative messages. These can range from drunken escapades, to a sexualized comment about a fellow peer. The police constantly have to ask Facebook to take High School confession pages down due to vulgar content.

“It’s another creative venue where kids are able to say hurtful things, and that’s frustrating,” said Sameer Hinduja, co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center at Florida Atlantic University.

For this reason, it is important that confession page administrators constantly regulate their page. According to Joe, “ it is important for me and other admins alike to uphold a strong anti-bullying policy and to keep all confessions anonymous.”

At TrintMe, we fully endorse what the confession pages administrators are doing. Although some users choose to taint the pages with promiscuity and malevolence, the positives that come out of the confession pages can not be ignored. Since the pages are anonymous, users are more inclined to open up knowing that they will not be judged. When people keep their feelings bottled up, they are forced to deal with their problems on their own; the online community can provide different perspectives and solutions.

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