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Confessions of a College Confession Page Administrator: Part 1

As much as the media likes to demonize the founders of confession pages, the fact of the matter is they are simply college students trying to give their fellow peers an outlet for expression. TrintMe recently hosted a nationwide survey to gain insight into the minds of the confession pages administrators, and the response we got was amazing. The tables had turned- we supplied the administrators with an anonymous forum, and most jumped at the opportunity to voice their confessions. This 3 part blog series will showcase all the scoop we got from these administrators- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

From Pennsylvania all the way to California, confession page administrators all chimed in to give us their 2 cents on the life of a CPA (confession page administrator). These students truly dedicate a large portion of their busy schedules to monitoring the confession pages- a majority of the administrators spend more than 15 hours a week! It can be a stressful job at times, but they feel they owe it to their college community.

Most administrators shared selfless motivations in starting their pages. According to the administrator of the University of Arizona confession page: “I enjoy seeing what people at this school are actually like. I want to help the people at my school whether it is through advice or entertainment.” The Sacramento State admin’s goal was to “read the true dilemmas facing the Sac State student body”.

 Many students feel uncomfortable being 100% honest about their beliefs, due to persecution from either their fellow peers or the university itself. Many universities, especially those with a strong religious foundation, discourage conflicting points of views.

Biola, an evangelical Christian university, is known to silence the voice of opposition.  The founder of the Biola Confession Page, who goes by Charlie, created the page to give the minority a voice, “there are so many opinions that Biolans have which cannot be expressed without the threat of being reprimanded. This page is not supposed to be a place where students must pretend Biola is all hearts and flowers, but a place where people should feel safe speaking their minds.”

Keep your eyes open for part 2, which will discuss the pros and cons admins face when running their pages.

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