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Confessions of a College Confession Page Administrator: Part 2


College Confession administrators love being able to help their peers work through problems within the college community. For Eric, founder of the Cal Poly Pomona Confessions Page, it is all about the positivity he is able to spread. When asked what he liked most about what he was doing, he responded, “The joy it brings to the people who use the page. That I am able to help people get advice and the help they need.” These same sentiments were shared by Jay, founder of the Arizona State University Confession Page. His favorite aspect of the page was “seeing how much ASU cares. Many reach out in the confessions for help and many reply back in comments with support and encouragement”

Not all is fun and games for the administrators- with a lot of power, comes a lot of responsibility. Admins constantly have to filter through hateful comments that target individuals and communities on campus. The admins of Cal State Chico confessions, who go by the names of Leo, Bird, 2shotz, and Biebs, have to keep a fine balance between censoring posts and freedom of speech.  When asked their biggest frustration, they responded “the people that send those inappropriate and or racist confessions and then get mad and constantly complain that we don’t post those confessions. We try not to filter this page and leave it, but sometimes we have to step in and not post some of the more cruel confessions because we know that it would cause an uproar”.

As much as administrators do their best to help out their communities, they are still looked down upon, due to the controversial nature of their pages. The University of Washington Platteville admin, who goes by “Batman”, blames: “posts regarding sexual orientation/bullying others causes some to disregard the page and deem them as horrible. I do my best to keep that from happening.” With something like this, you really can’t make everyone happy.

When asked why confession page administrators are given such a bad rap, the Drexel Confession Page admin responded, “complaints made by the confessors”, while Mystery Mav, Colorado Mesa University admin, attributes “Those who take life too seriously. They feel that the page gives the school a bad reputation”.

Of course, not every administrator started their page to be their campuses’ own Mother Theresa. Some do it simply for the fun of it, while others enjoy being the one responsible for the page. One admin loved “being the one who controls it all and hearing people talk about it around campus knowing I created it. “

At the end of the week, we will have our final blog post in the series. Check it out to hear what the admin of your favorite confession page has to say!

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