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Confessions of a College Confession Page Administrator: Part 3

We have a huge respect for all of the time and commitment confession page administrators put in with little to no recognition- they are simply good people looking to selflessly better their college community.  One admin actually helped out their fellow peers so much that they were recruited to work for a company. “One of my school’s administrators got me an internship with a community mental health organization, where I’ll be their first ever social media “guru.” I’m an economics major, for chrissakes! But people are now telling me I should do something like this for a living, and I am starting to consider it now” (Lewis and Clark Confession Page Admin).

Confession Pages have been a growing trend on college campuses, and we hope it remains that way. It is all up to the administrators- they must keep the pages a place where students feel safe and supported. As much as the media tries to frame them in a negative light, the positivity that comes out of the pages will prevail.

At TrintMe, our goals are parallel with that of confession pages. We provide a social app that lets individuals take the next step with their friendships, without the risk of awkwardness. Confession pages give users the opportunity to be 100% honest with their campus community, while TrintMe supplies them with the necessary tool to take action.

If you are a confession page administrator and want to learn more about TrintMe, please email me at

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