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How to Kindle a Classroom Romance

Instead of listening to your teacher’s lectures on political unrest in the Middle East, you’ve been scheming on how to talk to that cute girl in your poli-sci class.  Every day you tell yourself “this is the day I’m going to sit next to her”, yet you always have some sort of excuse, whether it’s being late or not being able to find her.

It’s difficult to take that initial step- no one likes rejection. Your school community is small, and most likely you will see that girl again (or one of their friends).  So what can you do?

First off, don’t force it- women can smell desperation. Just “so happen” to sit next to her in class one day, and try and make innocent small talk. When building relationships with women, trust is the most important thing. If they think you have a hidden agenda, they will categorize you as creepy. Once in the creep zone, there is no way to get out of it.

For the next few weeks, try and slowly build a nice rapport with her. You will know she is comfortable with you once she starts sitting next to you in class. From that point you can suggest studying together; meet up at a Starbucks, or if your feeling confident, one of your houses.

After that, suggest you do something out of class. If she says yes to that you’re set! As I said earlier, with women it’s all about building trust- slow and steady wins the race.





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