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The Power of Compliments: College Compliments Pages Boost Morale of Students

What better way to brighten someone’s day than to give him or her a compliment? The power of a single complement is endless: not only does it have the ability to lift moods, but it also increases self-confidence. A positive attitude combined with self-confidence can open doors to many possibilities.

College students face a tremendous amount of pressure whether it is academic, social, or even familial. As a result, compliments become even more relevant and crucial in the university environment. In the face of midterms and even finals when the only thing on a student’s mind is stress, a single compliment can brighten a student’s day, potentially allowing them to increase their academic performance.

In addition, college is a time when students must deal with the infamous transition away from home. This is a very difficult process, as it involves fitting in, making friends, being independent, and self-discovery. Unfortunately, many students have trouble finding people they connect with in a brand new environment, making them feel lonely and unappreciated. A single complement from a friend or anonymous user can make this challenging process much smoother and enjoyable.

For these reasons, we feel that it is vital for compliments pages to continue to actively participate in shaping the experiences of college students. Anything that can make the college transition process less fearful and can lessen the impact of stress on students is seen as a positive tool in our eyes. At TrintMe, we endorse what compliments pages administrators are doing and hope that they continue to make the world a better place.

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