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College Dating- Insight from a Female College Student



Morgan, 21, is a college student who hails from Seattle, Washington. Meeting up with her at Santa Clara University, we discussed the college dating scene and how TrintMe can be used to help further already-existing relationships.

Morgan told me that upon entering college, the dating scene initially surprised her. “There is a prevalent hookup culture at my university, which is something that I am not particularly interested in,” she says. “I want to date quality college guys that are gentlemen and not guys that I meet for the goal of a one-night stand.”

In addition, she discusses the awkwardness of dating in college with regards to friends. Dating in college can be difficult and there can be situations when “There have been several instances in college where I become friends with guys that I then develop a crush on them.”

Here comes the age-old question- how do you go about this?

“Once you have become friends with a guy, it is a tricky line to walk when it comes to potentially furthering that relationship,” Morgan says. “I know several girls who have ended up destroying their friendships with guys because of how they navigated the next step.”

Thankfully, this is where TrintMe comes to play. Using your Facebook friends, TrintMe allows users to further their intentions with that classroom crush in a safe and discreet way.

“Using TrintMe is a great way to further my intentions with guys without having to worry about destroying the friendship I already have,” says Morgan.

With TrintMe, said Morgan, “I won’t have to worry about any negative ramifications of my true intentions.”

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